April 7, 2020, 5:11 PM

 Dr Suresh Kumar Mekala

Dr Suresh Kumar Mekala

The 21-day-lockdown imposed by PM Narendra Modi on March 24, to curb the spread of Coronavirus in the country, has brought with itself great deal of challenges for citizens across the country. The worst hit by the lockdown are the poor and homeless, who are finding it hard to even manage a meal a day.

Fortunately, the lockdown has united the nation like never before. NGOs, Police personnel, corporate companies and individuals across the country have come forward to help the needy with food and shelter.

While it’s great that people have come together to help the needy, stray animals continue to get ignored. It is keeping this in mind that BJP’s MP Maneka Gandhi, through a communiqué, a few days back, urged NGOs involved in animal welfare to feed strays during the lockdown, saying that if these animals were not fed, they would starve to death.

To save the dogs from dying from starvation, Dr Suresh Mekala, Joint Commissioner, Thane Police, has come to the rescue of the stray dogs in the city. While he is already playing an active role along with other police personnel from Thane in helping out the poor with food distribution drives, Dr Mekala, on his own, runs a drive for stray dogs.

Dr Mekala, who loves dogs, is making sure, along with his friends that he can feed as many stray dogs as he can. Speaking to Nation Next, Dr Mekala said, “I started the initiative to feed stray dogs as I love dogs. I have some friends, to whom I daily give rice and chicken. They have set up a kitchen and they cook the food for dogs there. In the evening, they take the food in their vehicle and feed around 150 dogs daily.”

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