July 19, 2019, 12:33 AM
Within just six hours of stealing a Mercedes car owned by Nagpur lawyer, cops nabbed a man who stole the car from court premises on Wednesday.
The Mercedes car, which was stolen by a young man on Wednesday in Nagpur.

Within just six hours of stealing a Mercedes–Benz GLA 200 (MH 40/AC/9818) owned by Nagpur lawyer Mukesh Shukla, Nagpur Police nabbed a man who stole the car from court premises on Wednesday. The thief has been identified as Suraj Gondane, a resident of Subhash Nagar.

On Wednesday at around 10.45 am, Shukla had parked his luxurious car in front of a photographer named Dayaram Pohani's shop near the court. As per a regular practice followed by many lawyers practicing in the court, Shukla had given the keys of the vehicle to Pohani. Lawyers would often keep the car keys at Pohani’s shop so that their respective clerks could get the necessary documents when lawyers needed them in in court.

At around 2.45 pm, when Shukla came out of the court, he could not find his car. On asking Pohani about the car, he told Shukla that he had reluctantly given the car keys to Sanjeev Chinchkhede, a driver of another lawyer. It later came to light that Chinchkhede had given the car keys to Suraj Gondane, who then fled with the car. After waiting for some time, Shukla later lodged a complaint with Sitabuldi Police.

As the police swung in action, it got to know during the investigation that the car was heading towards Katol. Police quickly headed in the same direction and nabbed Gondane and took back the possession of the Mercedes. Sitabuldi Police have booked Gondane under section 379 of the IPC.

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