August 16, 2018, 4:53 AM

The Congress on Wednesday slammed the BJP President Amit Shah after he fumbled during the flag hoisting during the 72nd Independence Day today morning.

As he began unfurling the national flag at the BJP headquarters in New Delhi, the BJP President had an embarrassing moment. As soon as Shah pulled the string of the flag, it fell off the post. However, Shah was quick to pull the flag up and continue hoisting the flag calmly.

The Congress shared the video of Shah on its official Twitter handle. They wrote, “Jo desh ka jhanda nahi sambhal sakte, woh desh kya sambhalenge? 50 saal se zyada desh ke tirange ka tiraskar karne waalon ne agar yeh nahi kiya hota toh shayad aaj tirange ka aisa apmaan na hota. Dusro ko deshbhakti ka certificate dene waalo ko rashtragan ka taur tareeka tak pataa nahi. (Those who cannot handle the flag, how will they handle the country? If those people who have treated the flag with contempt for over 50 years had not done so, the flag would not have been insulted like it was today. Those who give lectures to others on patriotism, do not even know etiquettes of the national anthem).”

Congress further wrote, “Those distributing certificates of patriotism themselves did not know the right way to sing the national anthem.”


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