December 31, 2018, 4:41 AM

Traffic Police as well as restaurateurs and clubs have gone an extra mile vis-à-vis the safety and security of party revellers on New Year’s Eve in Nagpur. With  Nagpur seeing a surge in drunken driving cases of late and specially the unpleasant incident that took place during Diwali at CP Club, where an elderly person was brutally beaten up by a city youngster, party organisers as well as city cops are ensuring while city revellers make merry this New Year eve, they act responsibly. Nation Next finds out how city's prominent clubs, hotels, restaurants and traffic police are gearing up to deal with the drunken driving menace on the New Year's Eve in Nagpur.

CP Club

Honorary Secretary of CP Club, Girish Dewani, said, “We don’t have any tie-up with Ola or Uber cab as most of our members are chauffer-driven. Contrary to the popular perception, members and guests at CP Club don’t indulge in excessive consumption of alcohol on New Year eve as we have more of senior crowd during the bash."

Speaking about safety measures being taken by the committee of the club, Dewani added, “The Diwali incident was an unfortunate one. The audience at the club during Diwali party was too large, and the function was primarily for children. Our security for children might not have been full proof then but this time we’ve ensured that at least one or the other organising committee member vets each and every guest and member on New Year eve. They have to come with their identity cards, which would be screened by our organising member. There will be a bar code that includes their names and other important details. Also, guests have to strictly come along with their members; they can’t come independently. We’ll be a little more cautious about the movements of our guests henceforth. We’ve doubled our budget for security this year. I’m glad, even our members have been extremely cooperative with us.”

Hotel Centre Point

Angadh Arora, JT Managing Director at Centre Point Group of Hotels & Resorts, said, “We’re actually promoting a package that supports our campaign ‘Don’t drink and drive.’ Guests can book a room by paying an additional amount of Rs 3500 that would include breakfast and lunch. We don’t want our guests to drink and drive back on New Years’ eve.

Arora, while speaking about ensuring safety of the guests at his hotel, said, “We mostly have families coming up at our hotel on New Year and that too, purely by invitation. There are no stag entries. Also, all entries are done only after guests present their identity cards at the entrance.”

Gondwana Club

Anuj Singhania, President at Gondwana Club, speaking about preventing drunken driving on the New Year’s Eve, said, “We request every member and guest to come in a chauffer driven car and ensure the driver is a non-drinker. We can provide Ola and Uber cabs though we don’t have any tie-ups with them. These drivers usually park their cabs in huge numbers near WCL building opposite to our club. People can avail this facility very conveniently.”

Singhania, further speaking about providing adequate security and safety measures to avoid any unforeseen incident, said, “We’ve ensured our members and their guests go through an extensive screening process while entering the venue. Also, this time we’ve reduced the inflow of the guests and we’ve hired almost 65-75 bouncers from a security firm especially for New Year bash. This year almost 100 people are involved in providing security to the guests. So we have multiple people placed at all important places in the club. Moreover, we’ve installed more than 50 CCTV cameras. The CCTV camera team along with the security team would work in tandem to ensure our members have a safe and great evening.”

Pablo – The Art Café Lounge

Angadh Arora, who’s also a joint investor at Pablo – The Art Café Lounge, informed Nation Next that they’d tied up with Ola cabs to discourage drunken driving on New Year eve. He said, “At Pablo, we’re providing the facility of Ola cabs that too with great discounts."

Party hard but don’t break law, appeals Nagpur Traffic Police

When Nation Next spoke to DCP Traffic Raj Tilak Roushan about how the police plan to curb drunken driving on New Year's eve, he said, “We've deployed around 38 teams in Nagpur to curb drunken driving. Almost 300 cases against drunken driving are registered on a daily basis in the city! We've also put 600 plus police personnel on duty to ensure no lawbreaker goes scot-free. We've also planned to close over-bridges at Maate square, Sakkardara, Mankapur, etc to avoid accidents due to rash driving, etc. I appeal Nagpurians to celebrate New Year eve to the fullest but also refrain from drunken driving!"

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