September 9, 2019, 10:06 PM

Narkhed Police of Nagpur rural arrested a servant named Ravi Santosh Patil (28) after he confessed killing his house owner Priyanka Sahu (24) and her son Anshul (4) at Narkhed in Nagpur. Ravi killed the mother-son duo while they were asleep with the help of an iron masher (masala khalbatta) that is used in kitchen for grinding and mashing food.

Ravi under the influence of weed and alcohol killed the duo after Priyanka asked her husband Dinesh to clear Ravi’s due and send him back to his native Bihar, as he wasn’t doing his household chores properly.

Ravi after the murder took away all the cash kept in the cupboard and left for railway station to reach Nagpur. That’s where cops traced him and arrested him within five hours of committing the crime.

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