February 3, 2021, 7:34 PM

Aam Admi Party’s senior leader and Rajya Sabha MP, Sanjay Singh, on Wednesday, said that the Singhu-Tikri, which is hosting farmer’s protest from the last 70 days, became China- Pakistan border under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Central government.
Also, he accused PM Modi of acting like a dictator and not treating farmers as humans. His reaction came after today’s Rajya Sabha session, where he, raised farmers issues and asked the Centre to revel farm laws.
He held a press conference at AAP headquarters in Delhi and said, “Centre has no mercy. They are killing farmers by using tear gas and water cannons. More than 100 farmers died fighting for their rights. It seems like BJP is worse than the British rule in India.”
“They (Centre) are not ready to talk or discuss farm laws. AAP is raising constantly farmers protest in the parliament but Centre is not listening to us,” he added.

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