April 4, 2020, 2:24 AM

UP Police arrest WhatsApp group admin, member for circulating fake messages on COVID-19...

In another incident of sharing fake messages and spreading rumours about the COVID-19 on social media, Uttar Pradesh (UP) Police on Thursday arrested two – Yusuf Khan and Firoz Khan – from Greater Noida. While Feroz was held for sharing the fake posts and videos, Yusuf was arrested for being the admin of the group.

As per the news agency PTI, Yusuf, who is a lawyer by profession, operates the WhatsApp group titled ‘Jai Hind’ wherein several police and government officials are also the members. Group member Feroz, shared a post and video related to a rumour about Coronavirus and through his post, appealed everyone to share the same.

The police officials, who were also the members of the group, immediately acted upon the video, as they believed that the post and the video could trigger panic as well as communal violence in the public.

The cops have arrested the duo after registering an FIR under section 153(B) (imputation, assertions prejudicial to national-integration) of the IPC and under provisions of Information Technology Act. Also, their mobile phones have been confiscated.

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