March 22, 2020, 6:04 PM
We, Chaiwalas, Paanwalas are sacrificing our livelihoods for Corona lockdown! Are you?

With the imposition of section 144 and a complete lockdown in the city to control the spreading of the novel Coronavirus, the government ordered a shut down on various businesses – gyms, bars, swimming pools, restaurants, clubs, and beer shops – till March 31. However, grocery shops, daily needs stores, medicine shops and petrol pumps are allowed to operate.

As the lockdown has impacted several major businesses and markets, we can’t ignore the fact that this imposition has severely affected the livelihoods of many workers across the country. Despite facing financial difficulties and struggling to serve on meager savings, Nagpur’s paan walas, florists and chai walas are supporting the lockdown and following it to the tee.

Kailash Jain, who owns a paan kiosk near Ajni Railway Station said, “We totally support lockdown. If our country is facing such an epidemic, we should all stand united to fight it. No doubt we won’t be able to earn money for few days and would have to manage somehow with limited resources. But what if I was the one to get affected with the virus and had been asked to quarantine?

Manju Raut who sells flowers outside Sai Mandir feels, “I’m not selling flowers since government’s order. We’re a family of five people and I am the sole bread earner. Hence it is bit difficult for us to survive on the savings only. Although, the government’s decision of the lockdown is absolutely right but our loss of livelihood has made it slightly difficult for us to survive. The police has even warned us to not to operate until the lockdown ends else they’ll take strict actions against us.”

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Saurabh Gandhare is a tea stall owner near city’s famous eatery Khau Galli said, “I’ve closed my stall since Wednesday evening after the government’s order. We are somehow managing to survive in this situation. But for the betterment of everyone, it is necessary for us to take precautions to get rid of the virus as soon as possible. I am in favour of the government’s order on lockdown.”

However Nilesh Raut, who drives an auto in the city is of a different view. He said, “None of the auto drivers are working these days due to the lockdown. I’m facing a lot of financial problems. The lockdown has been imposed for more than 15 days and we all have to remain in our homes during that time. My family and I are surviving on our savings. I have to pay EMIs of my auto and this is the only source of income. The lockdown has immensely affected my business and I am completely against it.”

If they can support the Corona lockdown, why can’t we?

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