June 20, 2019, 6:46 PM

Out of the total 1360 WiFi hotspots in Nagpur, services for 889 hotspots across the city would become fully operational by July 15.

The WiFi services still remain to be partially operational despite Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) setting up the same 18 months ago. The total cost incurred for the same services were around Rs 520 crore under NMC’s Smart and Safe City Project.

Since its installation, citizens have been provided with the facility of using free data for either 30 minutes or data up to 200 MB, whichever gets exhausted earlier. WiFi users, after using the free services, are entitled to pay data charges for further usage of WiFi. However, these data charges are yet to be decided.

Ramnath Sonawane, CEO, Smart and Safe City Project, told Nation Next, “We couldn’t make WiFi services completely operational, as we hadn’t decided on the payment gateway system. Also, we haven’t decided upon the charges of the WiFi services yet. We’re heavily involved in the policy framing. I have been traveling of late so couldn’t take up the issue entirely. I’m trying my best to accelerate the pending work despite my travel schedule. We’ll be ready with the services at the most by July 15 this year.”

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