With Rs 1000 crore yearly loss, lockdown pours water on country’s largest market of coolers in Nagpur...

April 8, 2021, 9:32 AM

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India’s largest manufacturer of coolers, Nagpur, stares at a yearly loss of ₹1000 crore in the coming months of April to May due to lockdown this year.

Earlier, the manufacturers and sellers would witness a turnover of ₹1000 crore every year during summers.

Since government has asked shopkeepers to keep all their non-essential shops shut till April 30, the cooler manufacturers went in a tizzy as their sales, like last year, have hit rock bottom.

Manufacturers and sellers are worried they’ll have to incur a loss of ₹1,000 crore in their business even this year as people aren’t able to buy coolers even in the peak of summers due to lockdown.

Not just producers and sellers, people who earn a living due to the same include electricians, wool wood sellers, new and old motor pump sellers, water tank sellers, people from maintenance department, etc. However, lockdown has once again left them unemployed.

When we spoke to Nagpur-based businessman Himanshu M Demble, Partner at Decora Coolers, he said, “The sale of our product is almost seasonal; post Holi, our sales begin to pick up only till early June at the most. Last year during lockdown in March, dealers were hesitant, reluctant to sell their products. But this lockdown, dealers are looking forward to sell their products but government isn’t allowing them. Nagpur is one of the hottest cities in world. Like fans, that makes coolers and air conditioners also an essential product over a luxury one.”

“Moreover, post lockdown in May, a middle class man wouldn’t consider buying a cooler for only a month. My humble appeal that government should recognise coolers and air conditioners in the category of ‘essential services.’    

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