August 21, 2018, 1:16 AM
Video grab of the constable at the shop

A woman constable, her mother and her sister have been booked by Mankapur Police for forcibly taking Rs 50,000 from the cash counter of a grocery store in Mankapur, Nagpur. The women took the cash following a quarrel with the owner of the shop, Pushpendrasinh, who was also injured when a deodorant bottle was thrown at him by one of the woman.

On’ Friday, Pushpendrasinh, who also doubles up as a travel agent, was asked by the woman to book train tickets to Pune and back to Nagpur.  The constable paid Rs 500 in cash against the bill of Rs 2,250.

Then on Saturday, the constable made the remaining payment through her debit card. After giving the OTP received on her cell phone to the shopkeeper, the remaining amount was deducted from her account. As per the shopkeeper, she checked the bank message on her phone and left the shop.

In the evening, the constable called Pushpendrasinh accusing him of withdrawing more than Rs 15,000 from her account. After the shopkeeper denied withdrawing the money, the constable along with her mother and sister visited the shop. The women abused the shopkeeper and had a heated argument, during which the deodorant bottle was thrown at him.

In spite of the shopkeeper telling the constable that he will go with her to the bank on Monday to enquire about the money, the women kept creating ruckus at the shop. They then proceeded to take the cash out of the counter. The constable’s mother also reportedly slapped a customer when he tried to intervene. The shopkeeper, along with others, closed the shutters of the shop, after which the women threatened him with charges of molestation.

The shopkeeper later approached Mankapur Police and filed a complaint, following which the police registered a case of causing hurt and committing robbery against the women.

Here's the video of the incident: 
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